Project Widget

Widget is my latest computer design project. The object of which is to create a modular toy prototype. The basis of the design is this little robot guy named Widget. I intend for the game to be a 2.5D platformer with puzzles. Set in a post apocalyptic universe where the world is riddled with broken or pointless machines, Widget must reactivate the world and discover the secrets it holds.

The Resurrection of The Kyle Shaw Adventure

A lot has changed over the years. The Kyle Shaw Adventure Flash game has all but ceased to exist long ago. I have moved on to many things since then. Most noteworthy is the inclusion of my hat from the “Suburban Scout” Polycount contest submission into the game Team Fortress 2.

Now dubbed the Backwards Ballcap
Backwards Ballcap

Backwards Ballcap

I’ve also dabbled with design and 3D printing. I recreated the Companion Cube from the Portal franchise and made a mold of a 3D print and cast it into a solid sculpture. These figurines are then painted and sold.

Companion Cube

Weighted Companion Cube

One thing remains the same. The Kyle Shaw Adventure will carry on. This site will now be an avenue for updates on my latest achievements and a home for my portfolio. Also a place of contact for freelance work. I will continue to make improvements here. Stay tuned!