About Me

I'm Kyle Shaw

My fascination with video games began when I was a young child playing Mega Man on the family NES in the living room.

My interests grew as technology did. Console gaming evolved into PC gaming. Being tech savvy followed with this as my endeavors bacame more in depth

Toying with Game Maker by Marc Overmars would be where I started my journey to the creation of video games and related media

I had begun experimenting with modding with the classic title Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and years later moved onto source modding. Garry's mod was a great rescouce when it came to learning the ways of source modding.

It was at that point that I entered college for Computer Design, Animation, and Game Design and really honed my skills

I worked on a few projects. One of my great accomplishments was The Kyle Shaw Adventure, where I learned the ways of actionscript